The space of the city, with its contemporary dynamics, becomes a reflection of the world, where perfection will never be as perfect as we imagine it. The Lisbon tiled facades, with their small tiles that follow one another in a continuous pattern, have, over the years, left a legacy of errors, faults, failures, theft, attempted repairs. In the end, this inheritance translate into a break of the pattern and a multiplicity of new languages. Rodrigo Vila uses techniques similar to those used in the old tile factories: the painting with stencil that were recreated by the artist himself from photographs taken in the streets of Lisbon, as well as the assembly of his paintings piece by piece on the same way a facade is tiled. His body of work draws our attention to small settings that amplify those losses and errors. At a first glance, the errors seem too unrealistic to be true. However, his latest work, which he presents here, reveals real errors as found on the facades of Lisbon buildings. These actual errors exacerbated by the artist generate irregular patterns in what could be a kaleidoscopic image.


Date: 2017
Oil on canvas

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